The Zodiac Dispatch: the art of astrology and wellbeing

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By Clarisse Monahan

In line with this month’s theme of true vibrations, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan looks at how your natal sign and ruling planet can help guide holistic health choices to fine-tune your mind and body


Ruled by fiery Mars, Aries tends to be action-oriented and always on the go. Mitigate that fire energy, which can manifest as too much anger, with soothing activities. Aries might balk at attending a sound bath, but make a conscious effort to try this calmer, yin-focused practice to help balance the Ram flame.


Taurus and its ruling planet, luxury-loving Venus, savour the joys of beauty regimes, spas, and self-care – sometimes to a fault. Make sure you counteract the very Venusian impulse to indulge with some energetic workouts. 


Being a very tactile sign, Geminis need to balance the high-octane mental pace that they’re known for with exercises to stimulate the hands. Stress balls at work, for example, will help keep you focused without feeling frazzled. Hand reflexology is another practice that’s perfect for your sign. 

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Ruled by the emotional Moon, Cancer governs the belly. It’s in your nature to worry about others, and this can manifest in stomach-related issues. Schedule a kinesiology appointment – this form of therapy uses muscle testing to look at imbalances or irritations that various foods can cause to your gut health.


The Sun rules Leo and is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Practising Pranayama (a relaxing breathing exercise) directs prana (life force energy) right into the body for a cosmic connection to higher planes of being. 


When tilted too far from its centre of wholesome health, Virgo moves from a pragmatic, orderly and kind soul to something harder and stricter. Honeysuckle Flower Remedy in particular is very handy; it can help lift the gloom and quell expectations of negative outcomes. 

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Sweet Libra is always striving to create balance amid the conflicting interests of the social world. This can be exhausting. Here’s a tip: your ruling planet is Venus, which lords over scents and tinctures. Connecting with a Venusian ritual like aromatherapy is an especially potent practice for Librans. Geranium essential oil – associated with balance and harmony – is a great scent for you.


Scorpio, a fixed water sign, is one of the most intense of the zodiac. Ruled by steroidal Mars, you need an outlet for the simmering black cauldron of your inner world. Find a moment to release and let go. Book into a HIIT class, do some yoga or simply dance to your favourite music. 


You’re all fire, free-wheeling adventure. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is likewise ‘go big or go home’. Given all this outward energy, it’s essential to balance the mind-body connection through the inward medium of meditation. Twenty minutes in the morning or evening (or both) will help centre your extrovert nature.

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Your ruling planet, icy Saturn, can cast a bit of a cold breeze. You don’t need to be amid the mountain top all the time; you need invigoration, heat and fire to bring you into a higher cosmic harmony. Take a trip to the sauna, sweat it out, and succeed. 


The Waterbearer leans towards abstract thinking and can seem distant or aloof when out of balance. Reconnect by trying EFT tapping to help find your cosmic body rhythm. 


Perhaps the most psychic and sensitive of the signs, Pisceans need New Age accoutrements to feel connected to the spiritual life force of the universe. Astrology, tarot and crystals are all catnip for you. And according to medical astrology, Pisces rules the feet, which is where you can store your stress. So, stay grounded with regular pedicures.

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