OPO meditations: Evening Reflection

woman looking at sunset view

Complete your day with this relaxing evening session. This sunset meditation is a heart-centred journey designed to guide you into a deeper reflective state

As the sun begins to set around you and the light starts to fall, take a moment to decompress and reflect on your day.

Evening meditation is always a special time to relax and connect deeper into our range of feelings while staying rooted in breath and body.

It’s also the ideal way to set up a healthy sleep cycle, or start a relaxing night out in a good mood.

Find your chosen place, take a seat, and journey into the power of the present moment.

Formed by Soho House Greek Street members, Chris Connors and Elliot Cox, OPO augments our experience of meditation in new, inspiring ways by blending the worlds of sound, breathwork, neuroscience, and technology.

As a studio with social impact, OPO integrates virtual experiences in public spaces for both local communities and businesses. To find out more, click here.

‘When you marry wellness and technology with a 100% intention for human good, there can only be a better outcome for humanity and the planet.’ 
Chris Connors, OPO founder

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