Summer burnout is real. Here’s how to bounce-back

Summer burnout is real. Here’s how to bounce-back | Soho House

Had a touch too much fun in the sun? We have the treatments you need to get in shape for the ‘big return’ (to work, that is)

Wednesday 31 August  By Tilly Pearman

Feeling sun-crisped, rosé-drenched and generally summered-out? Welcome to the burnout club where members are tanned, yes, but hollowed-eyed, too. Mere shells of their springtime selves.

You might want to blame it on the first full-size return for festivals, weddings, pool parties, after-work socials and pleasure trips to Ibiza post-lockdown. The heatwaves that have ravaged the Northern hemisphere over the past few months deserve some of the heat, too. Whichever way you cut it, this year’s silly season was knackering – and if you’re anything like us, all you’re dreaming of now are early bedtimes, tamed tresses and a moment to recoup.

To help you on your way, we’ve rounded up the best beauty and wellness treatments across our Houses for a post-summer perk-up.  Whether that’s a realigning reiki session, spruce up in the barber’s seat, reviving IV drip or made-to-measure brows – here’s how to banish the burn and bring back the glow.

1. For a post-tanning skin top-up: the Soho Skin 24/7 facial

If you’re looking for a hangover treatment for your skin, this is it. Named after the range’s hero product, this brightening, energising facial is specifically designed to mitigate the effects of a life lived in the fast lane. Ticking every box on your healthy-skin checklist, expect to walk out feeling confident with a firmer, plumper, mega-watt glowing complexion. 

Where to find it: Babington House, Shoreditch House, Soho House Amsterdam, Soho House Barcelona, Soho House Berlin, Soho Farmhouse, Soho House Rome

2. For post-dancing recovery: Cryotherapy 

There’s something more dignified, more luxurious in fact, about stepping into an intensely cold vessel of ice, rather than sitting in an ice-cold bath. So much so, in fact, that you might even forget you’re exposing your body to temperatures of up to -110 degrees. Then again, maybe not. What this state-of-the-art treatment will do is enhance your mental clarity and ease those aching limbs from one-to-many raves in the festival dance tent. 

Where to find it: Soho House Rome, 180 Health Club

3. To bring you back down to earth: reiki crystal healing session with Nieve Tierney

If summer’s left you feeling a little skittish, now’s the time to ground yourself in the ancient energy-based practice of reiki. And not just any reiki. Super-charged with the higher frequencies of healing crystals, this bespoke session with London member Nieve Tierney will help anchor and amplify the flow of energy through your body, ending with an explanation of your own personal energetic blueprint.

Where to find it: Shoreditch House

4. For boardroom-level grooming: Hot Towel Shave by Curfew Grooming

Nothing says a back-to-work refresh like a close-cut shave. Lie back and enjoy a spruce-up courtesy of the South London-founded barbers. The treatment combines a face steam, aromatic hot and cold towel treatment, charcoal eye mask and a soothing moisturiser to finish. And if you can’t bear to lose the beard, a classic trim is also available, alongside dry cuts, skin fades or a complete restyle for any summer-shabby barnets.

Where to find it: Soho Farmhouse

5. To banish beach hands: a manicure with Harriet Westmoreland

There are manicures and then there are Harriet Westmoreland manicures. Celebrated for her signature take on the classic French, Westmoreland is one of the UK’s leading nail artists and she’ll be popping up from 6 to 8 September at our original New York outpost as part of her global Soho House residency. Whether you opt for full colour, a classic French or go à la mode with a glazed tip, one thing’s for sure – your tiresome hands will be pampered to A-list standards. Just in time for New York Fashion Week.

Where to find it: Soho House New York

6. To erase a long weekend: Koniver IV Drip

For those times when the coffee just won’t cut it, roll up your sleeves and get your pep on with an intravenous drip. For the ultimate in fast-track recovery, the Vitamin Push 30ml is your secret weapon. It delivers a flood of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to replenish all the vitals lost to a sinful summer before you can say ‘triple macchiato please’. In just 15 minutes you’ll feel so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you won’t even remember the shell that was your former post-summer self.

Where to find it: Shoreditch House, 180 Health Club

7. For post-beach face taming: a Couture Brow session with Suzanne Martin

Keeping your brows well-manicured is a hard feat, especially when your summer schedule leaves little-to-no space for regular grooming. Luckily, aesthetician Suzanne Martin is on hand to deliver her signature Couture Brow – a technique that expertly transforms even the unruliest of brows into perfectly natural and endlessly flattering face-framers.

Where to find it: 180 Health Club

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