House Tip: Why you should be a mentor with Mary Mandefield

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The radio presenter shares her experience of being a mentee in the Soho Mentorship programme and reveals what it takes to be a good mentor

By Olivia Atkins

Mary Mandefield discusses how the Soho Mentorship scheme works having previously enrolled on the creative mentoring programme. Held in partnership with Creative Mentor Network, it pairs young people at the start of their creative careers with Soho House members to gain access, contacts and knowledge in their chosen field.

The 16-week initiative helps mentees map out their career vision and expand their network, while understanding how to overcome creative obstacles. 

Mandefield believes good mentors should be willing to learn and understand that the mentorship can be mutually beneficial for both involved. She still keeps in touch with her mentor, Jessica Bendien (@jessicabendien), and encourages future mentors to be open to forming a genuine and ongoing relationship with their mentees.

The next mentorship programme will be held in partnership with Creative Futures Collective. Applications are now open. 

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