Soho Love Stories: ‘Being members played a crucial role in our relationship’

Soho Love Stories: 'Being members played a crucial role in our relationship' | Soho House

Despite living 5,834km apart, Sixtine Lechere and Daniel Gubitosa prove that true love (and a Soho House membership) conquers all

Tuesday 29 November 2022   By Tilly Pearman

As part of our ongoing series, Soho Love Stories, we’re getting intimate with our members to bring you the personal – and occasionally saucy – tales from those who have found love at the Houses.

If you’ve ever assumed that ‘love at first sight’ is an unattainable fairy-tale myth, then this week’s Soho Love Story might just silence your scepticism. Despite a 10-year hiatus, Parisian Soho House member, Sixtine Lechere – a global project manager for Chanel – and her American boyfriend – property developer and Soho Friends member, Daniel Gubitosa – are proving that no length of time nor distance (5,834km to be exact) can stop true love. In fact, with a global Soho House membership, even the most nomadic of relationships can become a modern-day dream.

Whether its lazy summer days spent playing Connect4 at Soho Beach House Miami, or ordering midnight cookie feasts to a Piglet at Soho Farmhouse, we sat down with these childhood sweethearts to hear how a magical teenage friendship eventually found its real purpose. 

Soho Love Stories: ‘Being members played a crucial role in our relationship’ | Soho House

‘I wanted to spend every moment with her’, says Gubitosa when describing how he felt upon first meeting a 15-year-old Sixtine Lechere at YMCA Camp Mason back in 2010. ‘It was the happiest I’d ever felt’, she says, but by the end of camp their summer-born romance abruptly ended with what Gubitosa describes as ‘the worst kiss of all time’. Nervous and young, he planted a single peck on her lips. ‘I was so embarrassed that I just ran to my dad’s car and said we’ve got to drive, we’ve got to go.’ 

‘That was the start of our 10-year break,’ says Gubitosa. ‘We spoke briefly at first, through texts and calls, but I was just becoming a junior in high school. I was meeting new people, making new friends, and I didn’t have Facebook or social media, so it was hard to stay in touch.’

‘That broke my heart,’ says Lechere, who remembers googling Gubitosa’s name in the hope she would uncover some information about her long-lost love. ‘There was this one guy who had the same name. He sold BMWs in Alabama and I remember zooming in on his picture and thinking, is that him? But, of course, it wasn’t.’

‘I remember looking Sixtine up on the internet, too’, says Gubitosa. ‘There was a great photo of her and I could see she was working at Chanel, living in London, getting her masters. I was like, oh, she’s on fire. She’s too big now; I can’t possibly reach out to her. Then the pandemic hit and my friends suggested we should go on a trip to France and taste wine. I couldn’t help but wonder what Sixtine was up to, and this trip became the catalyst to getting back in touch with her.’ 

Soho Love Stories: ‘Being members played a crucial role in our relationship’ | Soho House
Soho Love Stories: ‘Being members played a crucial role in our relationship’ | Soho House

‘At first I was freaking out,’ says Lechere. ‘I remember seeing his message and then I waited three hours to reply.’ Six months later, when Gubitosa finally made it to Paris, the pair describe their nights together as completely chaotic. ‘We would stay up until 6am, just chatting and joking around like we always had. We didn’t feel awkward at all.’

‘We had our first official date in Cecconi’s DUMBO,’ says Lerchere. ‘I’d waited for the borders to open, and as soon as they did I planned a trip to see Daniel. It was also on that night that I first told him I loved him.’

‘We stayed at Soho House New York, which was so cosy’, says Gubitosa. ‘That was the first House we stayed in together and it’s one of my favourite memories because I remember just being so pumped to see each other. There was also a snow storm outside, and it was the first time I felt like it was our place.’ 

‘This summer we stayed at Soho Beach House Miami,’ says Gubitosa. ‘We hung out there all day, playing Connect 4 every other hour. That’s one of my favourite memories and we now have a travel version to take on trips with us. Since Miami, we’ve been to Soho House Paris, and then in London we visited 40 Greek Street, 76 Dean Street and 180 House.’

Soho Love Stories: ‘Being members played a crucial role in our relationship’ | Soho House

‘But the pinnacle had to be staying at Soho Farmhouse,’ says Lechere. ‘I feel like when you’re in a long-distance relationship you always want to condense so much into a short amount of time, but staying at Farmhouse really felt like our first relaxing holiday together.’ 

‘There is always at least 20 minutes dedicated to just lounging in the robes, drinking coffee, and eating cookies,’ says Gubitosa, who admits to ordering more every time they stay. Lechere, on the other hand, gets more excited about the skincare. ‘We love Soho Skin and since we got the little bottles from our stay in Miami, Daniel lets me apply the treatment mask to his face.’

‘I think Soho House has played a crucial role in our relationship,’ says Gubitosa. ‘We’re always moving around, but when we stay at a House we’re in our bubble – a nice bubble – where we can enjoy ourselves and just spend time together. Most of our trips are now based around where there are Soho Houses. We’re going to Nashville in February, and after that we hope to get to Tel Aviv.’ 

‘There’s this red trail, in terms of comfort and decor at each of the Houses,’ says Lechere. ‘Because we don’t have a home together, we appreciate that sense of familiarity. And so, when we go on all these trips, it’s nice to go somewhere that’s well adapted to its environment. I guess you could say Soho House has become like our home base for these trips.’

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