The Weekend Recipe: Bangkok-style mango with fermented fish sauce

The Weekend Recipe: Bangkok-style mango with fermented fish sauce | Soho House

Chef Eve Palasak shares the secret to the Thai classic that she served at Soho House Lounge Pop-Up

Saturday 22 October 2022  By Anastasiia Fedorova

This weekend, Soho House celebrates the creative community of Bangkok. With Soho House Bangkok set to open this December, it’s a perfect moment to gather and celebrate all the exciting things to come. Soho House Lounge Pop-Up is a meeting place for Founder members and Thailand’s creatives, alongside those visiting Bangkok Art Biennale and Ghost 2565. 

As part of the three-day programme, we’re serving a special dinner for Under 27 members, prepared by Pearl Banjurtrungkajorn, the founder of Her Name is Nala – a dining club and events production company based in Bangkok, New York City, and Los Angeles –
and Eve Palasak, who runs Zao restaurant. 

To mark the occasion, Palasak shares one of her favourite recipes from the menu. 

Mango with fermented fish sauce (plara)
Serves four

4 ripe mangoes, cut and scored 
20g mint leaves
40g ground roasted rice 
240ml fermented fish sauce
20g brown sugar 
20g dried chilli, pounded
10g red chilli, pounded
80ml lime juice 


1. Place the mangoes in the refrigerator to make sure they’re cold. 
2. Then, peel and cut them – first, cut off the sides of the mango, then use your knife to score the flesh in a grid pattern, cutting down to the skin but not through it. Use your fingers to invert the skin and place them on a plate.
3. Next, make the plara sauce by combining the remaining ingredients in a bowl.
4. Slather the sauce generously over the mangoes and serve immediately.

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