One Night Only: celebrate IWD with chefs Katia and Tatiana Levha

Chefs Katia & Tatiana Levha share their classic Moules and frites recipe | Soho House

The duo famed for their Franco-Filipino cuisine are popping up at Soho House Paris on International Women’s Day

Saturday 4 March 2023   By Soho House

For Soho House, the month of March is all about spotlighting amazing women and right now French-Filipina chefs Katia and Tatiana Levha are top of mind for us. 

In a male-dominated culinary space, these two women are breaking all sorts of barriers with their acclaimed offerings Le Servan and Double Dragon – two heavily awarded Parisian restaurants that put the focus firmly on organic and local products, and which champion sustainable and ethical farming practices and fisherwomen. 

The chefs began their careers training at three-star Michelin restaurants L'Arpege and L'Astrance respectively. Today, Katia and Tatiana sit at the helm of a thirty-person team, with Tatiana leading the back-of-house as Executive Chef while Katia reigns the front, operating as General Manager and Sommelier. 

Now, Soho House Paris members are in for a treat as Tatiana and Katia bring their culinary talents to the house for a One Night Only pop-up to celebrate International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8 March, in partnership with Santa Teresa. 

Their bespoke, four-course menu will draw inspiration from the rich culinary cultures of their upbringings to treat lucky diners to the Franco-Filipino bistronomic fare that has become their signature. Think Black Pudding Wontons, Celery Tartines, and their take on the classic Meringue. 

We caught up with Tatiana and Katia as they were prepping for their event and asked them to choose this week’s House recipe so the rest of you will be able to enjoy a taste of Tatiana and Katia’s famed cooking at home. Their choice? That comforting classic – as seen on Soho House Paris’s new menu – Moules-Frites.

Tip: A loaf of Sourdough fresh-from-the oven of your favourite local bakery is the perfect alternative (or addition) to fries to ensure you soak up all the delicious sauce that comes with this dish.

500g mussels (cleaned and washed)
2tbsp butter
1tbsp veg oil (we used light olive oil)
2 shallots
3 garlic cloves
1 cup dry white wine
2-3tbsp double cream or crème fraîche
3tbsp parsley (coarsely chopped)
Salt and lots of black pepper (to taste)
Good squeeze of lemon juice

1. Clean and wash the mussels thoroughly
2. Heat and melt the butter and oil in a large pan with a lid. Add the shallots and garlic, season with a pinch of salt and cook on a medium heat till translucent. Turn the heat up to high, pour in the white wine and cook until the liquid has reduced by half.
3. Add the mussels and pop the lid on the pan. Give them a shake after 30 seconds, then allow to cook for further 30 seconds then remove from the heat.
4. Add the cream and parsley, and stir gently to mix.
5. Serve in a bowl with plenty of black pepper and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice.
6. Accompany with a side of hand-cut home-made fries or crusty sourdough.

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