Starstruck: the freewheeling romcom with a millennial twist

Man and. woman at the bar in a nightclub

Lola Adesioye sits down with Nikesh Patel, who plays film star Tom in Rose Matafeo’s new hit series

Talent: Nikesh Patel   Moderator: Lola Adesioye

Starstruck, a new comedy series written by Rose Matafeo (who also stars as the lead), follows the life of Jessie – a party-going millennial who juggles two dead-end jobs in order to afford the overpriced apartment she rents in east London with her best friend. On New Year’s Eve, she embarks on a one-night stand with Tom (played by Nikesh Patel), who she later discovers is a film star.

Starstruck is available to watch on BBC Three and HBO Max 

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