Awards Season Picks: Sound of Metal

A man teaching children drums in a classroom

In this episode of our video series, the actor sits down with award-winning host Dave Karger to discuss his Oscar®-nominated film, Sound Of Metal

By Jess Aureli

When Paul Raci describes how he processes his shock at his Best Supporting Actor Oscar® nomination for Sound Of Metal, it’s Cher that he references – specifically, the iconic moment in 1987’s Moonstruck where she slaps Nicolas Cage twice, saying, ‘Snap out of it!’ 

It’s a humorous analogy, but Raci talks compellingly about this recent success: an actor whose Hollywood career spans 35 years, he has appeared predominantly in small roles in shows such as Parks And Rec, ER, and Baskets. Sound Of Metal sees him in his first major supporting role, starring alongside Riz Ahmed and Olivia Cooke (who recently featured in our Press Play series).

Watch this conversation with the Turner Classic Movies host, Dave Karger, as the pair touch on Raci’s upbringing as a CODA (child of deaf adults), the transition from a career in the court system into acting, filming goodbye scenes with Ahmed, and, of course, Cher.


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