‘For The Dreamers’ by Keosha Love

Illustration of Keosha Love by Rachel Joanis featuring a head and shoulders portrait of Keosha against a pink backdrop with a yellow circle behind her head and dark pink leaves either side of her

The multi-disciplinary artist and Soho House Toronto member shares a poem with us for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Illustration by Rachel Joanis

Keosha Love is an artist, activist and educator whose work promotes social justice and change through art and wellbeing in BIPOC communities. For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Toronto-based artist created a poem entitled ‘For The Dreamers’, which you can read below. 

‘For The Dreamers’ by Keosha Love 

This is for the dreamers
The dreamers reimagining a world they feel proud to live in
A world they feel safe to blossom in
A world they fearlessly and freely can be themselves in
I too have a dream,
I have a dream that Black injustices are seen as injustice to all 
Not just yours, or mine but ours 

I have a dream that future generations are no longer standing in protest for the violence against Black people
That Black people everywhere are unburdened of suffering
That systemic curses of poverty, abuse and racial trauma are broken 

I dream of more ease,
We will not have to work twice as hard or sleep less to make a living 
We will not experience terror for simply existing with Black skin 

I dream of Black people no longer displaced from their homes
Black communities unified and rich in opportunity
Black children protected and knowing care and safety as their birthright 
May we look in the mirror with immense pride
May our Black brothers and sisters finally be humanized 

I have a dream that mighty floods of justice will wash away systems of white supremacy and destroy institutions of oppression
I have a dream that no matter the ethnicity, gender, race or religion, we will stand in harmonious solidarity
May we continue to be the riveting change our ancestors wanted us to be
And finally,
If I were to dream any dream, it would be that one day we wake up and see exactly what we dreamt. 

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