Step inside Justin Boone’s NYFW world

Step inside Justin Boone’s NYFW world | Soho House

The Soho House New York member, street-style photographer and designer behind David x Goliath gives us a sneak peek inside his fashion week routine

Friday 10 February 2023 By Soho House

Ever wonder how fashion’s elite attend shows, events and parties, and change multiple times per day during fashion week? Street-style photographer, costume designer and the creative force behind David x Goliath, Justin Boone, is a New York Fashion Week mainstay. A multi-hyphenate creative who draws inspiration from his surrounding environment, the fashion expert spoke to us about all things fashion week, designers, and using the House as a home base in between shows. 

Step inside Justin Boone’s NYFW world | Soho House

What will you be wearing this fashion week?
‘My looks during Fashion Week will be a pure representation of my inspirations and daily routine. I love American workwear, Japanese silhouettes, skateboarding, and samples from my clothing line, David x Goliath. Mixing these worlds has become my happy place. I am always most comfortable when I am wearing clothing that I don’t mind getting dirty.’

Which designers are you most excited about seeing?
‘Jackson Ray of Midnight Rodeo, André White of Le Grand Heirs, and Ev Bravado/ Téla D’Amore of WhoDecidesWar.’

How will you be making the most of the House over fashion week?  
‘Soho House is always home base for me during that time. Whether I need a quick bite to eat, a second to relax between shows, or a nightcap, it’s versatile in providing an opportunity for me to be comfortable at any time of the day alone, with my wife, or friends.’

Step inside Justin Boone’s NYFW world | Soho House
Step inside Justin Boone’s NYFW world | Soho House

Where will you be doing your pre-show pampering?
‘Honestly, my morning routine is very quick and does not require much preparation, so my pre-show work will take place at home.’

Where will you go to relax between shows?
‘With so little time to rest, it’s important to be sure of what the space I choose will offer and Soho House is always my go-to.’

What are your favourite NYC stores? 
T.A. New York is a boutique that’s owned by my wife, Telsha Anderson-Boone, and it carries contemporary, emerging and established brands that are unique and sometimes underrepresented. Although T.A. focuses on the female-identifying community, it’s not difficult to find items that offer pieces to encourage ambiguity.

Oroboro is another store that focuses primarily on the female-identifying community. But the warmth of the space is inviting, and I’m always able to find something that fits my personal style and preferences in silhouette (specifically favouring Japanese shapes and textures). Oroboro carries a multitude of brands, most of which I’ve never heard of.

Step inside Justin Boone’s NYFW world | Soho House
Step inside Justin Boone’s NYFW world | Soho House

SEED Brklyn is a Black-owned boutique that focuses on interior/ spacial design just as much as its product offering. Ranging from vintage to contemporary designers, SEED is a destination shop that provides an experience like no other.

If Soho is known for its avant-garde and artisanal garments from brands around the world. I am always heavily inspired and deeply intrigued by the items that I find there. 

Patron of the New is a multi-brand boutique that has managed to sustain its reputation of having the hottest and most sought-after brands, while hosting some of the most popular influencers, musicians, athletes, actors and stylists as clients. Patron of the New has been nothing but family to me and I have always been grateful for their support in every way.

Finally, is there a dish on the menu that will help power you through the shows?
‘My favorite meal is a Vegan Kale Caesar Salad topped with cooked salmon.’

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