Headed for House Festival? Don’t forget your dry robe

Headed for House Festival? Don’t forget your dry robe | Soho House

Why the weatherproof changing garment beloved by wild swimmers is this summer’s headline act

Thursday 16 June 2022   By Emma McCarthy

If you’ve come within 500 feet of a body of water this year, chances are you’ll be familiar with the dry robe. For the uninitiated, it’s the secret weapon of the wild swimmer – a bit of kit so crucial, so ingenious, so… obvious that once you’ve owned one, you’ll wonder how you ever plunged into a freezing cold lake without it. 

Now, it’s coming to a festival near you.

Picture the scene: you’re stuck in the middle of a muddy field, it’s probably raining, and you’re sleep-deprived, glassy eyed, and desperately seeking hydration. What else could you possibly want to wear except a giant weatherproof dressing gown? Because that’s essentially what a dry robe is – water and wind-resistant on the outside, lined with snuggly sweat-wicking microfibre on the inside, and shaped like a big sleeping bag you can walk around in. Or to put it another way, it’s basically a supersized anorak lined with a blanket. 

With this in mind, it’s no wonder it’s become the headline act among seasoned festivalgoers bound for the fields of Glastonbury and our very own House Festival this summer. If you include yourself in that crowd, start your search at Finisterre. The sustainable British surfwear enthusiasts have two types of unisex weatherproof changing robes – plus a pullover version crafted entirely from super-soft organic cotton terry cloth, if you’d rather swaddle yourself in a wearable towel. 

Headed for House Festival? Don’t forget your dry robe | Soho House
Headed for House Festival? Don’t forget your dry robe | Soho House

If the forecast is dry(ish), opt for the Tego Robe. Available in three colours – black, navy or olive green – it’s made with a two-layer DWR recycled nylon outer and a 100% recycled fleece inner that wicks away sweat, making it ideal for sticky tent/ mid-rave conditions. 

If the outlook is decidedly soggier, there’s the Adelie Robe, which is built with a 100% recycled water repellent outer, long sleeves, and a thick deep-pile Sherpa fleece lining. Both come with large pockets, a full-length zip fastening and an adjustable hood to hide in – the perfect accompaniment to an unscheduled disco nap.

Then there’s the OG dryrobe®. Founded in 2010 by UK-based surfer Gideon Bright – who was inspired to create a weatherproof, towel-lined changing robe based on a design first whipped up by his mum on her sewing machine – the dryrobe® has since been adopted by elite athletes the world over, including Team GB’s Olympic swim team. And if it’s good enough for an endurance triathlete, it’s definitely up to the task of getting you from Worthy View campsite to the Pyramid Stage in one piece.

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