Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House

The actor, skater, model and designer has a distinct sense of style that everyone (us included) wants to replicate. It all starts with these

Thursday 8 September   By Kirsten Chen

Of the many ways in which Soho House’s latest cover star – and winner of the inaugural Creator prize at the Soho House Awards – Evan Mock expresses his creativity his sense of style might be the most impactful. 

The way Mock dresses hasn’t changed drastically since his pro-skater days, but it has become more sophisticated. His ultra-laidback approach to fashion combines the latest designer releases with curated vintage pieces and skate-brand staples. And while he’s cultivated a reputation for being carefree and fun-loving, Mock applies a keen eye for detail when shopping. He gravitates towards brands owned by friends in the skate and surf communities, as well as labels led by multidisciplinary creatives that he identifies with. Brands, in other words, just like these.

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House


The backbone of Mock's coolest street style looks is his curated assortment of workwear basics from Carhartt. He’s been photographed in skate-proof shorts with contemporary silhouettes from Carhartt WIP, its streetwear-focused line, alongside perfectly worn-in vintage Carhartt pieces. Ranging from sun-faded canvas jackets to thrashed double-knee pants, Mock looks effortless from coast-to-coast when lounging, biking or skating. Carhartt outerwear and vests also complement Mock's extensive vintage T-shirt collection, which include 1970s-style tourist graphics from Hawaii and retro beach-inspired designs.

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House


Launched in June, Wahine introduces new cut-and-sew pieces inspired by Mock's upbringing in Hawaii and his own wardrobe. Founded by Mock and stylist and creative consultant Donté McGuine, Wahine's first release includes cropped wool Varsity jackets with vintage-style patches, baggy corduroy pants and other pieces that reflect Mock’s refined approach to daily dressing. References such as old Hawaiian postal stamps, allow Mock's appreciation for his background and growing eye for detail to shine. To balance Wahine's sophisticated aesthetic, he infuses his humour into tops printed with slogans like: ‘MY BOYFRIEND IS OUT OF TOWN’.

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House

Sorry In Advance

Never afraid to add some sparkle to his outfits, Mock often wears hoodies from his own rhinestone-heavy brand Sorry In Advance. His direct-to-consumer streetwear label consists of hoodies and phone cases with a rebellious logo that transforms handwritten script into a hidden frowning-face outline. The clever front placement of his rhinestoned logo across the brand’s pieces works as an ideal, low-key background for Mock's layered gold chains. After launching in 2020, Sorry In Advance has elevated its streetwear credentials by teasing photos of Mock in exclusive collaborations with HIDDEN.NY and Drew House on social media. 

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House


Eli Russell Linnetz is a multidisciplinary creative who's reimagining traditional California and Americana styles. Mock has worn ERL's signature puffer jackets – which feature fluorescent colour gradients – while pulling off eye-catching red-carpet appearances and staying cool at rooftop parties. Aligning with activities that shape Mock’s life, ERL takes inspiration from Hollywood history, classic skateboarding culture and Southern California's laidback style. Both Mock and Linnetz share an appreciation for nostalgic designs, as well as inventive garments that reimagine sweatshirt shapes.  

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House


A natural fit for someone who grew up surfing on the North Shore, Mock was officially welcomed into the RVCA family in November of 2019. In urban landscapes, he mixes RVCA's T-shirts with higher-end pieces and in beach landscapes, he rocks RVCA boardshorts with no shirt at all. Mock collaborated with the California-based brand on three ready-to-wear capsules with distinct themes: a morning collection around palaka, a style of woven, chequered Hawaiian cloth that dates back to the 1800s; a second collection with a cute pink lei-wearing rabbit graphic; and a night collection that references Sorry In Advance. Expanding his image-making skills, Mock's photography appears in the first collection and he’s teamed up with artist Julian Klincewitz to create the campaigns’ short films. 

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House


The London-based skateboarding and clothing brand parallels Mock’s rise through the upper echelons of the skate world to achieving full-on fashion influencer status. Mock has spoken of his long-time friendship with Palace’s team skaters and owners, shot photos of friends wearing the label, and even appears in a video of a brand skate trip to Japan. On recent trips to Europe, Mock has taken Palace’s popular windbreaker-style jackets and headwear from country to country. With a bold visual language and a reputation for creating cheeky, fun-loving campaigns, Palace has kept up with Mock's style evolution without becoming corny. 

Style alert: Evan Mock‘s favourite skate brands | Soho House


Taking cues from New York’s Downtown and art-adjacent crowd, Mock wears modern workwear-inspired pieces from Peels Painting. Designed by Jerome Peel, the model-certified brand offers work shirts that are chic enough for Fashion Week sightings and functional enough to actually be worn while skating. Similar to how Mock balances classic pieces with a desire to lead new-wave fashion trends, Peels designs feature clean, sharp lines that are accessorised with sentimental, individual name patches. Peels' offerings are unisex, making it a great fit for Mock’s fashion persona, which thrives on incorporating both womenswear and menswear pieces. 

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