Your insider’s guide to SXSW

Your insider's guide to SXSW | Soho House

Musicians and Soho House Austin Committee members, THEBROSFRESH, share their ultimate list of shows and can’t-miss events for the city’s annual arts and culture festival 

Thursday 9 March 2023  By Soho House

Austin-based recording artists and activists, THEBROSFRESH, know a thing or two about the places to be and all there is to see during SXSW. Not only are the brothers/ bandmates – who are both Soho House Austin Committee members – plugged into the cultural landscape, especially in the world of music, but their connection to the city as locals also makes them the perfect guides to our SXSW experience. 
‘Rule number one is this: prepare for your plans to crumble like the foil of your favourite taco (we’re sure you’ll eat plenty this week),’ they say as a word of warning. ‘SXSW is a time to meet new faces, see new sights, hear new sounds, and go with the flow. We encourage you to enter this week wide-eyed and energised as you prepare to experience all that Austin has to offer.’ 
Here, they share the events they’re looking forward to the most over the next 10 days, including all the SXSW celebrations at Soho House Austin. 

For the early birds: Porsche x D-Nice, Thursday 9 March 
Porsche is powering this kick-off party featuring the legendary D-Nice at Soho House Austin, and it sounds like a winner to us.

For the hip-hop lovers: Revolt House, Saturday 18 March
Revolt House always aim to please. In the past, they have consistently brought out a major surprise act, so we’re excited to see how the action unfolds this year.

For the eco-conscious local: Eco happy hour, Friday 10 March
This event sponsored by Allbirds is the epitome and consolidation of education and entertainment. Prepare to learn and laugh with panel discussions and live band performances.

For the rocker in all of us: Rolling Stone x Bumble, Monday 13 March
With one of the coolest collabs in years, who wouldn’t want to know what would happen if Rolling Stone and Bumble co-hosted a big event. Expect razzle and dazzle and, most importantly, a good time.

For the ‘Austinite for a week’: THEBROSFRESH residency at C-Boy’s Heart & Soul, Thursday 16 March 
You definitely want to experience one of Austin’s most beloved venues. Thursday night will be especially vibrant with us, THEBROSFRESH, rocking the house during our one-month residency. Don’t miss this – 9.30pm.

For a backyard party: Tankproof crawfish fundraiser, Saturday 18 March
Springtime is for crawfish, and local youth non-profit, Tankproof, is bringing the spice to your Saturday in pure Louisiana fashion. Did we mention that proceeds go towards giving the life-saving gift of swimming to kids? Follow @tankproof for details.

For more details and to see the full list of events at Soho House Austin during SXSW, check out our events calendar 

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