An insider’s guide to Portland Sneaker Week

Your guide to Portland’s Sneaker Week | Soho House

Cities Without Houses member Herbert Beauclere shares his top talks and events to attend across the crepe-centric celebration

Thursday 4 August 2022 By Herbert Beauclere

This year, Portland Sneaker Week celebrates its sixth year in business. For those not in the know, Sneaker Week PDX is an experiential eight-day event for sneaker enthusiasts and footwear industry influencers to connect and collaborate. Each day is dedicated to one of seven industry pillars: art, design, sport, music, media, tech, and science. 

Think of it as fashion week-meets-South by Southwest. Across Portland, hotels, bars and venues are taken over to create a one-of-a-kind experience that allows members of the sneaker community to come together and celebrate. 

If you plan on paying a visit, here are a few key events I’d recommend you attend.

Thursday 4 August: The Kick-Off at Jupiter NEXT hotel
The Sneaker Week Kick-Off Art Show offers you and your crew a peek behind the lens with an immersive conjunction of art, industry, and sneaker culture.

Friday 5 August: The Design Combine at Bodecker Foundation
This unique competition is a platform for aspiring footwear professionals to show off their skills to their favourite brands.

Monday 8 August: Kick Flicks at Alberta Abbey
Why watch a movie in a regular theatre with stale popcorn when you can sip crafted cocktails with the homies? Kick Flicks is an exhibition for aspiring filmmakers, professional documentarians and sneaker heads that love to capture their lives and moments in motion. 

Tuesday 9 August: Tech Talk at Wacom Technologies
The Sneaker Week Tech Talk provides a glimpse at the leading-edge technology and its impact on the future of the footwear world. 

Wednesday 10 August: The Sustainability Soiree at OMSI
The Sustainability Soiree is a celebration of science and sustainable fashion within the footwear and greater athletic and outdoor apparel industry.

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