Shoreditch House rooftop just got some new art

Shoreditch House rooftop just got some new art | Soho House

Now you’ve got another reason to visit our east London outpost – in addition to the pool, Pen Yen restaurant and views of the city

Thursday 13 April 2023 By Anastasiia Fedorova

Excited for rooftop season? It’s hard not to be with 18 of them across our Houses around the world, endless pools, al-fresco dining and sunset views. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve added an extra artistic touch to the Shoreditch House rooftop in east London by introducing a refreshing new collection of artworks to usher in the summer. 

Located in the old Dickensian Tea Building, Shoreditch House first opened its doors in 2007 and quickly became a gravitational point for the creative community. The art collection was originally curated by Francesca Gavin and includes a large number of small monochromatic artworks that reflected the burgeoning east London art scene at the time (with pieces from heavyweights such as Cornelia Parker, Damien Hirst, Prem Sahib, and Juergen Teller). 

Over a decade later, the collection continues to evolve together with the House and the community. Kate Bryan, Soho House’s Global Director of Art, has gradually been adding a range of artworks by a younger generation of artists. Here, we sat down to discuss the challenges of keeping the art collection relevant – and the latest additions on the rooftop.  

Shoreditch House rooftop just got some new art | Soho House

The origins of the first collection
‘The original Shoreditch House collection is a great historic representation of the art scene at that time. So, when we added new works, we tried to ensure the majority stayed together. It was important to keep the big salon wall in the main club space, because it very much speaks of that burgeoning moment of Shoreditch. When the House opened, a lot of the artists were living in the area and gave these small black and white works. They’re part of the fabric of the building, and part of the story.’ 

Introducing updates 
‘Updating the collection was a nice opportunity to add a really broad range of media: ceramics, photography, abstract painting, printmaking, collage… It’s more dynamic, fresh and colourful, and shows a whole new generation of talent in London. I think the members not only love the old collection and what that stands for, like a little time capsule, but are also really excited about the artists that are on the scene now. So, hopefully it offers the best of both worlds.’

Shoreditch House rooftop just got some new art | Soho House

The best of the new works on the rooftop
‘The highlights among the new pieces include evocative ceramic sculptures by Phoebe Collings-James, which resemble breast plates; a new painting by Clare Woods done with oil on aluminium; and a piece by Joy Labinjo. There’s a painting by Matthias Garcia, who is part of the collection at Soho House Paris, new commissions by Lucy Gough, and small but powerful works by Leon Pozniakow. There’s also a photograph by Sunil Gupta who’s part of our Brighton Beacon collection in Brighton Beach House.

Shoreditch House rooftop just got some new art | Soho House
Shoreditch House rooftop just got some new art | Soho House

‘Expanding the Shoreditch House collection came with a certain responsibility, because that original selection of art really means something today. And you want the works you choose now to do the same thing however many years in the future.’

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