Le Collectionist’s Max Aniort on a life inspired by travel

Le Collectionist's Max Aniort and his love for travel | Soho House

The French entrepreneur and Soho House Paris member on his journey into business, roads not taken and tips for a balanced life

Saturday 30 September   By Yasemin Celepi

Life, as they say, is a journey – a phrase that’s true in every sense for Soho House Paris member, Max Aniort. Raised by a family of travellers, he began roaming the globe from a young age. As a child he moved from Brittany to Saudi Arabia, spending every summer in Greece. He went on to study in Paris, with a gap year in Hong Kong, then took up roles in London and New York before partnering up with two friends in 2014 to create the luxury holiday villa and chalet rental company, Le Collectionist. 

This passion for adventure is also why Aniort enjoys the ‘international vibe’ at Soho House. ‘No matter where I find myself on the globe, Soho House is a welcoming oasis that feels like home. It’s a sanctuary in the destinations I frequently visit; the family-friendly atmosphere aligns perfectly with my small, close-knit family,’ adding that the Paris team ‘is nothing short of amazing’. When the sun’s out, he enjoys nothing more than being beside a House pool, placing ‘the enchanting one in Rome’ firmly at the top of his list. 

We sat down with him to find out more about the route he took to where he is today. 

Tell us a bit about yourself
‘I’m a fortunate husband – I share my life’s adventures with my partner Loic Agopian and together, we’re the proud parents of Thelma, who fills our days with joy. My journey through life has been a rich tapestry, woven with experiences from around the world. I spent my formative years navigating between the contrasting cultures of Saudi Arabia and Greece, a unique blend that’s shaped my perspective on life.’  
What are you working on at the moment?
‘At the moment, Le Collectionist is deeply involved in charity work, particularly with the Human Rights Watch charity based in Geneva. It’s a fulfilling aspect of our company’s mission, allowing us to give back to the community and make a positive impact. We’re also in the process of opening up our operation in the US, which is an exciting venture.’

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?
‘It wasn’t my childhood dream, but life often takes us on unexpected journeys. I used to dream of being a baker or a writer, but destiny steered me onto the entrepreneurial path. Now I’m here, I have to confess I absolutely adore it.’
Where do you get your inspiration for Le Collectionist?
‘Travel is my greatest source of inspiration. Roaming the globe has allowed me to absorb diverse cultures, witness breathtaking landscapes and encounter people from all walks of life. I also find inspiration in the stories of fellow entrepreneurs, the creativity of designers and the vision of architects.’
How do you keep motivated?
‘I believe in the power of change. Every 12 months I redefine my job description as a way to ensure monotony never sets in. I maintain a healthy work-life balance and actively pursue it: Mondays are dedicated to high-intensity training sessions at Soho House Paris and I enjoy weekly Pilates classes. A love for delectable food is, of course, an evergreen source of motivation.’
How has community played a part in your life? 
‘I’ve increasingly found a sense of belonging within the LGBTQIA+ community. This connection has opened doors to valuable networking, especially in the media industry and during my time in the UK.’
What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?
‘Don’t procrastinate on tough talks and hard decisions. My advice to others is to surround yourself with individuals who are smarter, more talented, and all-round more awesome than yourself – it’s like being the conductor of a symphony; each member of your team brings their unique instrument to create a harmonious masterpiece. Also, to share information, be honest and embrace transparency. It’s the ultimate karma in business – what you put out into the world always finds its way back to you.’
How do you relax away from work?
‘First on my list is playtime with my daughter, Thelma – she is an endless source of happiness. Then there’s Pilates. Saturday mornings are dedicated to this mindful practice, where I find balance. And, of course, there’s food, glorious food.’

What’s next for you?
‘I’m considering the idea of a move, perhaps to London or the bustling streets of NYC. But like any good story, the plot is yet to be fully written.’ 

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