Dive into LA’s art scene at Holloway House

Dive into LA’s art scene at Holloway House | Soho House

To mark Frieze Los Angeles, we take a tour through the club’s cutting-edge contemporary art collection

Thursday 16 February 2023 By Anastasiia Fedorova

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, Holloway House opened its doors in 2022. With 34 bedrooms, a rooftop and a restaurant decked out in the best of mid-century design, its interior is a tribute to 1960s California, when artists like David Hockney and Bruce Nauman made Los Angeles their home, drawn to the city by its light and inspiring landscapes. 

From its warm tonal palette in sand and stone accented with burgundy leather to its light, spacious bedrooms, Holloway House is perfect for living out that mid-century dream. There’s nothing nostalgic about its art collection, however – it is in every way a vibrant and contemporary vision of LA’s art scene today. 

This week, Frieze Los Angeles takes over Santa Monica Airport with a showcase of more than 120 international galleries representing the best of the art world globally. So, what better time to take a tour of the House’s collection – which features local artists aged 40 and under – with Kate Bryan, Soho House Global Director of Art? 

Dive into LA’s art scene at Holloway House | Soho House

A young, contemporary collection
‘We wanted the Holloway House collection to represent LA as a really exciting art scene. When Soho House first opened in LA more than 10 years ago, there wasn’t the same level of international galleries and there wasn’t an international art fair, while now the city has become such an important part of the art infrastructure. It was really exciting to engage with the next generation; younger artists who are making work, which is already finding an international audience, whether they were born and brought up in there, or studied in the city or who have simply chosen it as their home. 

‘The Holloway House collection is a very contemporary one and was created as a moment to celebrate all of these young creatives in the city. It’s made up solely of LA artists who were 40 years old or younger when the collection was created. Some of the artists featured are already museum level, such as Diedrick Brackens and Sable Elyse Smith. And a lot – Sula Bermúdez-Silverman is one – are younger and emerging, which creates a real range.

‘The majority of the art is located in the ground-floor club space. There is also a mural on the roof by Jessalyn Brooks, which is a celebration of colour and the female form. In the bedrooms there are special commissions by Dan Simantov, who has photographed their grandmother for a very celebratory series of works. A tapestry by Diedrick Brackens titled ‘Dance Tame, Tender Feat’ is worth a special mention as one of the highlights of the collection.’   

Dive into LA’s art scene at Holloway House | Soho House

Works with an urgent political message
‘A lot of pieces in the collection are beautifully made, but also have an important social message. Sable Elyse Smith’s work talks about education and undoing systemic racism. And then there are works by Jonny Negron, who’s an amazing artist reflecting on the experiences of the queer community, as well as Genevieve Gaignard who is dealing with representation and cultural stereotypes.’

Capturing LA’s spirit
‘Apart from artists native to LA, there are also those who have made the city their home. Anna Carey’s work “Madame Mystery” is from her series called Psychics, which is part of life in LA. It looks like a shopfront, but actually what you’re looking at is a tiny model that she made in her studios. The whole thing is fake, cut together by tiny pieces of paper and cardboard, with the false electric lighting behind the windows. This is the work of an outsider to the city, but she has made it her home. And I love her having this perspective on it.’

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Dive into LA’s art scene at Holloway House | Soho House
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