Artist Hayley Mitchell on transforming a utilitarian space

Hayley Mitchell painting a mural on a white wall. She is wearing a grey vest top, a denim shirt and has her hair tied back in a ponytail

The painter shares her process of creating a mural for Soho House Austin

Saturday 22 January 2022   By Abigail Hirsch   Video by Connor Keeton 

Deep in the pandemic days of 2020, artist Hayley Mitchell was tasked with ideating a mural for Soho House Austin. Intrigued by bringing a utilitarian space to life, she began the creative process in her studio with a simple sketch. 

Isolation afforded her the time to ruminate and concentrate on the ‘concepts of togetherness and collaboration,’ Mitchell shares, ‘that’s really the foundation of the work itself.’

Watch the video to check out Mitchell’s process. 

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