Adébayo Bolaji takes us inside his studio

a man crouched on the floor in front of bright paintings.

The artist behind the paintings at The Woodshed, our new Soho Home pop-up store at Soho Farmhouse, films an exclusive look inside his studio and creative process

Video and images courtesy of Adébayo Bolaji    Wednesday 2 September, 2020

About the artist

Adébayo Bolaji, is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London, England. At the centre of his practice is the dialogue of change and the focus of the individual within a connecting society whether that be anthropological, religious, historical or popular culture. The use of mixed media, vigorous and metaphorical language, is a crucial element in his work, helping to narrate a different story within each painting. Bolaji has exhibited internationally, and next month opens with a solo show in Berlin at Galerie Kremers. 
A wooden sculpture.
A colourful abstract painting.
A colourful abstract painting.
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