Soho Sustainability

We have a responsibility to play our part in building a more sustainable world. We are in the early stages of implementing an ambitious sustainability programme, covering everything from where we source our food to how we build our Houses

A tended garden

We believe that consistent small decisions shape the bigger picture, and by reviewing our policies and practices we are working to build more sustainable spaces. We are open about the materials we use and where we want to improve. There is a lot to do and we will share our progress here.

Tomatoes in a basket

We prioritise the use of local and seasonal produce, support good farming practices, and serve a wide selection of plant-based options on our menus

Multi-coloured cardboard stacked

We make responsible choices about waste, working to improve our recycling and composting programmes around the world

A lobby area

We are investing in our spaces, and try to integrate sustainable decision-making into all areas of design and build