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Soho Mentorship

Soho House | House Foundations
Soho House | House Foundations
Soho House | House Foundations

We believe that talent is distributed evenly, but opportunity is not.

Our mentoring programme supports young people from lower socioeconomic and underrepresented backgrounds into creative careers.

Set up in 2018, we pair up each mentee with a Soho House member for a 16-week programme designed to grow their connections, confidence and experience. They are given Soho House membership to help grow their network, and members who take part receive training on how to deliver advice and coaching. We’re now mentoring in 11 cities around the world, with more launching in 2022.

Soho Mentorship is run in partnership with Creative Mentor Network, Creative Futures Collective, OWN Academy, and Routes In. 

Meet the mentees

Soho House | House Foundations
Soho House | House Foundations
Soho House | House Foundations

Benjamin Kyei, London mentee
‘Soho Mentorship was an experience that I know will shape the rest of my life. My mentor’s influence and experience helped shape the successful release of my brand GOSSE au CŒUR’s third collection. A mentor is someone you can learn from, someone who you can be accountable to and, most importantly for me, someone who is able to challenge you outside of your comfort zone. For my personal growth as a creative, entrepreneur and a fashion designer, these are three things I needed.’

Kandice Chavous, New York mentee
‘My decision to move to Paris and start a graduate programme came after I became a mentee. During the process, I was able to tap into the community that was built through the events hosted each month and find the courage to move. I instantly felt at home with the other mentees, and I was able to build out a passion project with my mentor Amy. We still check in with each other, keeping each other posted with what is going on in our personal and professional lives. I know that it’s a relationship I would not have otherwise had.’

, Toronto mentee
‘Soho Mentorship was a pivotal moment for me. Exploring the depth of the music business with my mentor and realising the steps I had to take to blossom in my career were life-changing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without stepping out of my comfort zone, joining this group of like-minded artists, and experiencing the challenges that come with a career in creativity. My mentor and I connected on a higher level, he became a great friend, and a person I could confide in.’