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Cowshed Products
We are a range of natural, therapeutic plant – based products with cheeky names but serious benefits. The line was born in 1998 in the original Cowshed Spa at Babington House , Somerset, and with names like Grumpy Cow, Lazy Cow and Bullocks, we continue to pay homage to the spa’s former occupants to this day.

Cowshed was one of the first spa brands to specialise in the use of plants and their oils, proteins, vitamins and fatty acids. Today we have a loyal herd of followers who love our comprehensive range of indulgent bath and body products, impressive skin care and beautiful gifts.

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Cowshed Spas
A Cowshed spa is the perfect place to relax, indulge and unwind. Whether you’re in our original Cowshed at Babington House, or one of our newer outposts in London (most recently in Primrose Hill) or New York, you’ll find the same relaxed homegrown vibe that makes a visit to Cowshed so rejuvenating – think surroundings made from natural stone and reclaimed wood and endless supplies of potted plants and pots of tea.

Each of our bespoke treatments contains a unique signature infusion of herbs specially selected for their therapeutic benefits. Our outstanding treatments , combined with our beautiful surroundings, make Cowshed spas the ideal places to spend time with a friend or partner. We were delighted that Tatler magazine voted the newly – renovated Babington Cowshed spa their International Spa of the year 2009.

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